The biggest selection from the most trusted brands

Create the most reliable supply chain with our 99.4% next-day fill rate on 6,000+ suture, endomechanical, mesh and energy products. Our selection also includes many hard-to-find physician preference items – those non-core products that comprise around 40% of your surgical inventory.


Trusted brands available from Suture Express include:

Suture and Wound Closure Products

  • Ethicon Suture Products
    Vicryl, PDS and PDS II, Monocryl, Prolene, Ethilon, Pronova, Ethibond, Merilene, Nurolon, Perma-Hand, Steel Sutures, STRATAFIX Knotless Tissue Control Devices
    View the Ethicon Needle Guide.
  • Ethicon Topical Skin Adhesive Products
  • Covidien Suture Products
    Velosorb, Caprosyn, Polysorb, Biosyn, Maxon, Dermalon, Monosof, Surgilon, Surgidac, Ti-Cron, Surgipro and Surgipro II, Novafil, Vascufil, Sofsilk, Steel Sutures, V-Loc Wound Closure Device
    View the Covidien Needle Guide.
  • Covidien Topical Skin Adhesive Products
  • Teleflex Deknatel Suture Products
    Bondek Plus, Monodek, Force Fiber, Cottony II, Polydek, Tevdek, Deklene II
  • Surgical Specialties Suture Products
    Quill Device, Surgical Specialties, Sharpoint, LOOK

Endomechanical Products

We also stock products from Applied Medical and Teleflex Medical.

Mesh Products

  • Ethicon Mesh Products
    Prolene, Proceed, Physiomesh, Securestrap
  • Covidien Mesh Products
    Symbotex, ProGrip, AccuMesh, Parietex, Permacol

Energy Products

  • Ethicon Energy Products
    Harmonic Ultrasonic Devices, Enseal Advanced Bipolar Devices
  • Covidien Energy Products
    Ligasure Vessel Sealing Devices (Valleylab), Sonicision Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Devices

Other Surgical Products

  • Covidien Electrosurgery Products (Valleylab)
    Electrosurgical Instruments and Accessories
    Smoke Evacuation Systems and Accessories
  • Covidien Patient Monitoring Devices
    Nellcor, BIS, INVOS
  • Ethicon Blake Drains
  • Ethicon Hemostasis Products
    Surgicel, Surgifoam
  • Chemence Medical 
    (exofin®, derma+flex®)
  • Stryker Sustainability Solutions

When you need the most complete line of suture, endomechanical, mesh and energy products at your fingertips, expect more from your distributor. Get more from Suture Express. Contact sales here or call 877-790-1873.

All Ethicon products are trademarks of Ethicon US, LLC. All Covidien products are trademarks of Covidien AG and COVIDIEN. All Surgical Specialties products are trademarks of Surgical Specialties Corporation. Applied Medical is a trademark of Applied Medical Resources Corporation. Teleflex is a trademark of Teleflex Incorporated.